Daily Marketing Challenge #1

| Plan a user-generated Campaign for a SaaS Company

Company: Calendly

Calendy is an Saas company that helps schedule meetings without back and forth emailing. Their main goal is to provide efficiency and build better relationships.

For this challenge, I decided to focus on showcasing company culture through a social media campaign by asking employees to post a photo of how they use Calendly at work and explain what it’s like to work at Calendly.

Step One: Social Media Platform

The first thing I did was research which social media platforms that have the most engagement and following. What I learned:

Twitter : 6957 followers/ 1281 following

  • used for platform updates, tips/advice for users, and well as company efforts and results

Instagram: 1505 followers/ 63 following

  • used for employees and company culture

Facebook: 4,142 likes / 4,357 followers

  • used for company updates and sharing relevant articles

LinkedIn: 4,355 followers

  • used for staff updates, company updates, and blog posts


Twitter will be the platform of choice because:

  • Higher Following

  • Constant updates

  • Easier to Share Tweets

  • Great for Sharing images


Step 2: Campaign

This user-generated campaign will focus on building brand trust by showing how Calendly employees use the application at work.


Step Three: Content

Here is a drafted twitter post:

“Calling all Calendly Employees! Share a photo of how you use Calendly at work and tell us what’s it like to work at Calendly. Make sure to use #LifeatCalendly for a chance to win a Calendly Gift Bag”​


Step Four: Focus on the Community Aspect and Collaborate

It is important to share and repost all/most of the tagged photos and like/comment as much as possible to increase engagement.

  • YouTube

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