Daily Marketing Challenge #10

| Analyse an FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) company’s social media efforts. What KPI’s are you looking for?

Company: Kleenex


I will be focusing on facebook, instagram and twitter for this challenge. Although I do not have any access to any back-end data, this will be from researching their current social media efforts. Here are the 3 KPI's I will look at.

1. Reach 

  • Follower Count


2.  Engagement

  • Likes 

  • Comment


3.  User-generated Content



Facebook: 769,569 likes/ 755,998 followers


Twitter: 27.5K Followers/ 470 Following


Instagram: 10.1K followers/ 240 following


Twitter has the most followers. 


2.  Engagement 



-  Avg less than 50 likes

-  Comments are mostly customer concerns



-  On avg, 5-20 likes, not many retweets


-  On avg, they have less than 100 likes 


3.  User Generated Content


There are a lot of photos of customers using the products as the main content Kleenex shares. 

  • YouTube

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