Daily Marketing Challenge #4

| Draft a twitter poll that will resonate with your chosen company’s audience. How will you use the results?

Company: Ritual


Ritual is an app that connects you to local restaurants and cafes, where orders can be placed in advance at partnered locations and have them ready to be picked up. Ritual helps the user avoid those long lines and simplifies the ordering process. 

Ritual's target market is both local restaurants and professional workers. With this in mind, I will be focusing a Twitter poll on young working professionals who want to order a beverage during their workday.


Twitter Poll:

“How do you get your daily dose of caffeine? Vote for a chance to win a free $5 voucher for your next purchase!!

  • Americano

  • Latte

  • Macchiato

  • Cappuccino

  • Cold Brew

  • Tea

  • Other


The purpose of this poll is to engage with Ritual’s followers and learn what types of caffeinated beverages are consumed the most from their target market. Since 64% of Americans aged 25–34 drink coffee daily, this information will be useful for future marketing efforts towards coffee drinkers.


The results of the poll will produce one winner that will receive a $5 voucher towards their next purchase. If by chance a new customer wins, they will have the opportunity to try Ritual for the first time and if a returning customer wins, then this will incentivize them to continue using the app.