Daily Marketing Challenge #5

| Plan a PR stunt for a wearable technology company

Company: Nymi

The wristband is a security device that acts as an authentication device, replacing passwords for computers, pins and smart cards. Data integrity is the main focus and enhances security and productivity.

Screen Shot 2019-11-10 at 8.04.21 PM.png

PR Stunt

A clear box containing $200 (in fake Nymi dollars which will be replaced with real money once the box is opened — for security issues) is placed in the middle of Dundas Square. The company is based in Toronto, so this is the perfect area with a high volume of traffic. The interesting part is that the public will have to try to unlock the box; the first one who does, wins the money.

To make this challenging, the box will have a pass code lock, a key lock, and a place to tap the wrist band. There will be a security guard present, wearing the wristband as well as the associates promoting the event. There will be a 3 hour window for the public to try to unlock the box.


There won’t be too many instructions on how to unlock the box, but after every hour, a hint will be released. After the first hour, it will be revealed that the pin code does not work. After the second hour, the lock will be taken off. Then all that’s left is the wristband to be used.The goal will be for someone figure out to tap the wrist watch on the pad.

Within the box will have a logo of Nymi and @nymiband to promote the company!