Daily Marketing Challenge #6

| Create a brand slogan for OLIO

Company: Olio

Current Slogan: “Share more. Waste Less.”

The company helps neighbours and local businesses help reduce surplus food to be shared rather than thrown away. Use the app to make an item available and let people know when and where the food will be ready to be picked up.

Olio believes that small actions can lead toward bigger change, so working toward a sustainable future by minimizing food waste is an accessible way to do so.


What I want to focus on is the convenience of using Olio. Between 33–50% of all food produced globally is never eaten, so using Olio can reduce food waste.

Keywords that I kept in mind while brainstorming:

  • Sharing

  • Convenience

  • Easy

  • Waste

  • Reduce

  • Create change

  • connect




Think Globally, Share Locally.