Daily Marketing Challenge #9

| Craft a product press release for a company that launched recently. Where would it be published?

Company: Peak Design

Title: Travel Hassle Free with The Travel Line Packing Tools

Enhance your travelling with the ultimate system of packing tools. With the freedom of customization and versatility, no two trips will be the same. Peak Design has created the perfect system for travelling; purchase a travel bag and use the add-on menu to add a variety of packing tools to redesign your organization. 


With the 45L Travel Backpack, Travel DuffelPack 65L, and Travel Duffel 35L, get any of the packing tools to find a place for all of your things. Choose from Camera Cubes, Technology Pouches, Packing Cubes, Wash Pouch and Shoe Pouch. Cubes are are designed to fit perfectly in the main volume, comes in varying sizes and a Travel Backpack can carry up to 3 cubes. Pouches help organize your smaller items and can be stowed almost anywhere.


Peak Design seems excel the most in producing bags that feel sturdy and versatile. With the new release of the Travel Line, use these products in harmony. 


This should be posted in travel magazines. These magazines are often frequented by travellers, so this would generate attention from people who travel often. 

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