I interned at a local sustainable fashion start-up in 2017, Artisella. I assisted with the development and implementation of online marketing strategies. 

my process


An integral part of developing an online community is constantly researching. Understand the company, understand the competition, and understand your audience. It is essential to collect relevant data to identify trends and discover opportunities.


With enough research about the industry and audience, it's time for content creation. This is the time to brainstorm and transform ideas into results. It is important to stay current, create often and think outside the box. Develop a brand voice to communicate ideas well and naturally across all platforms.


Engagement is essential. This is the time to build and grow a network. Boost traffic by posting EVERYWHERE. Attract, engage, repeat! Build meaningful connections with the audience to increase the customer base. Find the best platforms to develop the brand voice and always measure the metrics to optimize effective brand communication.

content writing

I kept up-to-date with current events, lifestyle tips, fashion advice and eco-living. Constantly immersing myself in the sustainability community, I became knowledgeable enough to create and share my own content.


At first, I was responsible for sharing relevant content and articles on social media while following the brand guide. After a month I wrote a few articles for the company lifestyle blog. 


There were two major promotional photoshoots that I contributed to. For the first, I was an on-site assistant, as well as a photo editor. I edited photos for the website, as well as take behind the scene photos. For the second photoshoot, I was the main photographer and editor, responsible for showcasing new products for the website and social media. 

mood board

I designed a mood board by categorizing various types of imagery which helped organize and plan the props and locations needed. I also created a Pinterest board to ensure that the promotional material matched the branding and aesthetic of the company.