Kindred Culture

A marketing campaign targeted towards high school students to kindle long term interest within the local dance community of Mississauga.

project overview

A marketing campaign to high school students to kindle long-term interest within the dance community. Kindred Culture hosts an annual high school dance competition, The Academy High School, with only 5 competitors in the past 2 years. The project aims to target the new generation and build brand awareness around the competitive dance community.

marketing objectives

KPI's to note:

- Number of new dance teams (the amount of new customers acquired over 2 years)

- Increase in new teams per year (percentage change of new teams compared to other years)

- Cost per new sign-up (the amount of money spent to acquire a new sign-ups)

- Lead-to-customer ratio (percentage of leads that become paying competitors at competition)



To generate a greater number of high school dance teams participating in The Academy High School dance competition.


Kindred Culture will increase the number of registrations of The Academy High School dance competition by 50% within 2 years. 



Last year, Kindred Culture had 5 high school dance teams participate in the Academy. The aim will be to increase it to 7 teams by next year.


By growing the number of high school competitors, Kindred Culture will increase its brand awareness to the high school dance community. As a result, there will be more sign ups for the weekly programs hosted at the studio and a higher volume of customers for drop-in dance classes. 


Kindred will send out inquiries at the beginning of the school year to ensure there are enough sign-ups by January. 

company analysis


Kindred Culture has accessible dance programs at affordable prices, including programs such as a beginner program, senior program, intermediate/advanced program, and a training team. They also have a competitive team that competes overseas, and a new varsity team. Kindred also hosts dance competitions every year, Ontario Universities Competition for Hip Hop (OUCH), The Academy with a post secondary and high school division, and ReDefine.  

It is the only hip hop dance studio located in Mississauga, and has a strong connection in the post-secondary dance community. By offering different dance classes taught by industry members and up & coming choreographers in the community, they offer a platform to create and share. 

Kindred Culture partners with charities and non-for-profit organizations, such as World Vision to celebrate international communities, and learn how the arts impact the younger generation. They also host dance and fundraising events to donate their proceeds to the local community.


There is a lack of information about dance classes and events on their website, and more focus on their social media (Facebook and Instagram).  Kindred also does not offer classes every day of the week, and the location is a disadvantage because most dance studios are located in downtown Toronto with easy access through public transportation. ​


There is a lack of high school dancers and dance teams in the local community, so promoting The Academy high school division will increase brand awareness for the younger generation. Also, there is a strong focus on choreography classes, so there is an opportunity to reach out to more street style dancers by offering foundational classes and open cyphers (freestyle sessions). One major opportunity is to optimize scheduling by using an app to track sign-ups and memberships. 


There is a high volume of competitors that offer similar classes and programs. Some Toronto dance studios offer a bigger variety of classes in different styles, such as Salsa, Contemporary, Bollywood and Kpop.

brand campaign

The focus will be to promote the event within highschools in Mississauga. There are currently 36 high schools in Mississauga and only 6 schools have participated in The Academy High School Division. To create event awareness, Kindred will have to contact all local high schools to inform students of this opportunity. 

Drafted Email:








The most challenging aspect of this project is to turn these inquiries into action. Many factors go into starting a competitive dance team at a high school. The most important factor is to ensure there is enough interest between the students and teachers. By offering resources to these high schools, it will allow for an increase in motivation and improvement.