marketing challenges

I followed Eoin Kavanagh's daily marketing challenges and here are some of my favourites.

challenge 1

Plan a user-generated Campaign for a SaaS Company

challenge 2

Develop an elevator pitch for a startup that was founded recently

challenge 3

Identify and perform an analysis of ten keywords a photography company should be targeting

challenge 4

Draft a twitter poll that will resonate with your chosen company’s audience. How will you use the results?

challenge 5

Plan a PR stunt for a wearable technology company

challenge 6

Create a brand slogan for OLIO

challenge 7

Plan a giveaway competition that will interest your audience. What are your KPI’s?

challenge 8

Identify your company’s core product and analyze its strengths.

challenge 9

Craft a product press release for a company that launched recently. Where would it be published?

challenge 10

Analyze an FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) company’s social media efforts. What KPI’s are you looking for?

challenge 11

Create a Billboard Advertisement for Lime

challenge 12

Pick a complex company and explain what they do in a way a 10-year old could understand