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Community Management

I completed an internship at a local sustainable fashion start-up in 2017, Artisella. I assisted with the development and implementation of online marketing strategies. 

My Process

1 / Research

As a community manager, conducting research was a crucial part of my job. It's important to understand the company, it's competitors, and the target audience by collecting relevant data to identify trends and discover new opportunities.

By conducting extensive research, I gained valuable insights into the interests, preferences, and behaviours of our audience. I also monitored the competition to stay ahead of emerging trends and best practices.

Ongoing research enabled me to make informed decisions and develop targeted strategies that meet the needs of our audience. By keeping a pulse on the latest trends and opportunities, I created engaging content and fostered a vibrant online community.

2 / Create

With enough research on the industry and audience, it was time for content creation. I brainstormed and transformed our ideas into results, keeping in mind the importance of staying current, creating often, and thinking outside the box. During this process, I also established the brand voice on social media to ensure consistent communication across all platforms.

3 / Engage

Engagement was an essential step in building and growing the network. I boosted traffic by posting everywhere and aimed to attract, engage, and repeat. Building meaningful connections with our audience was crucial to increasing our customer base. We found the best platform to develop our brand voice, Facebook, and always kept track of metrics to optimize effective brand communication.

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I maintained awareness of the latest news, lifestyle trends, fashion tips, and eco-friendly living practices to stay well-informed in the sustainability community. Once I gained sufficient expertise, I generated and shared original content.

Initially, my role involved curating and sharing relevant content and articles on various social media platforms, while adhering to the brand's guidelines. As time progressed, I also wrote a handful of blog posts for the company's lifestyle blog.


As part of my role, I had the opportunity to be involved in two major promotional photoshoots for the website and social media. In the first one, I was an on-site assistant and photo editor, ensuring that all images had a consistent look by creating presets and capturing behind-the-scenes footage for social media. During the second photoshoot, I was the head photographer and editor, responsible for showcasing the new selection of products and making sure that the brand's visual identity was represented accurately.

To prepare for the photoshoots, I created a mood board by categorizing various imagery and layouts to organize and plan the props and locations needed. I used a Pinterest board to gather inspiration and ensure that all promotional materials matched the branding and aesthetic of the company.

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